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Tools for the Professional Audiologist and Researcher

Developers of HearSaf™  recognized the important role audiologists, physicians, and epidemiologists have in reviewing and evaluating the progress and effectiveness of the hearing conservation program.  They also recognized the value that formal research can have in advancing our understanding of how noise affects hearing. 

As a  result, the ability for these kinds of professionals to access and review the audiometric data was addressed during the design of the HearSaf™ suite. Additionally, since the HLPP relies upon the integration of information from a variety of key program elements, e.g. audiometry, employment history, noise exposure history, hearing protector use, etc., the HearSaf™ database affords the audiologist and other professionals a valuable source of information for conducting advanced research studies.

HearSaf™ permits the download of selected data for subsequent entry into another database of the user's choice. This will permit analysis and reporting outside of the HearSaf™ system, as well as export data to other data management systems.