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One*dB™ for Windows

One*dB™ (Occupational Noise Exposure Database) is a noise exposure calculator and database manager all in one. One*dB™  supports traditional assessment methods such as dosimetry, but it is specifically designed for the sound exposure profiling method, also known as T-BEAM (Task-Based Exposure Assessment Modeling). This method of noise exposure assessment compiles individual sound samples measured for primary job activities that a worker performs. These activities, along with their associated sound levels, are entered into One*dB™  to compute the overall 8-hour TWA.

Results of worker risk assessment audits using this software can be used to direct the other elements of the hearing loss prevention process.  They are repeatable from one audit to the next permitting development of audit trend charts showing progress in the noise control program and reductions in worker-at-risk statistics.

As part of the HearSaf™ software suite, One*dB™ handles the  noise exposure records needed to document exposures and assign them to workers in Hear/Saf™ for Windows. This enables a company's medical department access to noise exposure information electronically, allowing a comparison between audiometric data and occupational  noise exposure for an individual employee.