Hearing Loss Prevention
A Business Process
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Table of Contents

  1. Hearing Loss Prevention - A Business Process

  2. Hearing Conservation Program Annual Cost Estimates

  3. Current Paradigm: Cost Effectiveness

  4. Hearing Conservation Outcome Must Equal Noise Control Outcome

  5. Problems with Current Systems - Data are stored separately

  6. Problems with Current Systems - Data difficult to integrate to assess program effectiveness

  7. Problems with Current Systems - STS + Presbycusis Approaches Material Impairment

  8. Current Issues: Prevalence of Program Aspects by Company Size

  9. Current Issues: Current Expenditures

  10. Sentinel Health Event Indicators of Hearing Conservation Program Failure

  11. Some Reasons For Employer's Concern

  12. New Paradigm 2000+ Hearing Loss Prevention is a “Wellness” Issue

  13. Hearing Health As Asset Management Managing Hearing Loss Prevention as a Business Process

  14. Hearing Loss Prevention View of Traditional NC/HCP Program Elements

Author: Richard R. James, INCE

Email: RichardJames@Safe-At-Work.com