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The following list of films, computer software and videotapes concerned with occupational noise and hearing loss prevention is arranged in alphabetical order by producer or distributor. It is an updated summary of information from several sources, including E.H. Berger's Appendix II: "Annotated Listing of Noise and Hearing Conservation Films and Videotapes" in E.H. Berger, W.D. Ward, J.C. Morrill, and L.H. Royster (Eds.): Noise and Hearing Conservation Manual, 4th ed., American Industrial Hygiene Assoc., Akron, OH, 1986. This list is current as of May, 1995.

This list does not contain ratings or annotations, and the presence or absence of any film or videotape does not reflect the endorsement or judgement of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.


Better Hearing Institute (800) 327-9355
5021-B Backlick Road
Annadale, VA 22003

    "People vs. Noise" 27 min VHS


Bilsom International, Inc. (813) 683-9164
5300 Region Court
Lakeland, FL 33801

    "SOS" 10 min VHS


BNA Communications (301) 948-0540
9439 Key West Ave.
Rockville, MD 20850

    "Can You Hear Me?" 14 min VHS, Beta, 16mm

Cabot Safety Corporation (800) 225-9038
5457 W. 79th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46268-9998

    "It's Up To You" 12 min VHS

    "Less Than A Minute" 6 min VHS

    "How to Use Expandable Foam Earplugs" 6 min VHS

    "The National Hearing Quiz" 28 min VHS

Coastal Training Technologies Corporation (800) 767-7703
3083 Brickhouse Court
Vriginia Beach, VA 23452

Colorado Hearing and Speech Center (303) 322-1871
Industrial Division
4280 Hale Parkway
Denver, CO 80220

    "Stick It In Your Ear" 15 min VHS or film

Consulting Audiological Associates (312) 804-0550
1915 N. Harlem Ave.
Chicago, IL 60635

    "Industrial Hearing Conservation Employee Program" 22 min VHS


Creative Media Development, Inc. (503) 223-6794
710 S.W. Ninth Ave
Portland, OR 97205

    "Hear For A Lifetime" 16 min VHS or U-matic

Educational Resources, Inc. (800) 333-8822
P.O. Box 1257
Lexington, SC 29071-1257

    "Noise? You're in Control" 14 min VHS, Beta, U-matic

Encyclopedia Britannica Education Corporation (312) 347-7000
310 S. Michigan Avenue (800) 621-3900
Chicago, IL 60604

    "The Ears and Hearing" 22 min VHS

    "Noise Polluting the Environment" 16 min VHS

Industrial Training Systems Corp. (800) 568-8788
1303 Marsh Lane
Carrollton, TX 75006

    "Sound Advice" 17 min VHS

    "Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow" 12 min VHS

    "Noise-Induced Hearing Loss: No Second Chance" 17 min VHS

    "Hearing Conservation" 6 min VHS

    "Mentor/Computer Assisted Training" IBM PC 5-1/4" or 3-1/2"

Interactive Media Communications, Inc. (617) 890-7707
100 5th Avenue
Waltham, MA 02154

    "Hearing Conservation Training Program" 23 min VHS

    "Hearing Conservation Interactive Computer Training Program" CD-ROM and IBD (Laser Disk)

International Film Bureau, Inc (312) 427-4545
332 S. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60604

    "Listen While You Can" 21 min VHS and 16 mm

    "Hearing Conservation" 22 min VHS and 16 mm

    "Noise" 22 min VHS and 16 mm

    "The Noise Was Deafening" 21 min VHS and 16 mm

    "I Can't Hear" 21 min VHS and 16 mm

    "Protecting Your Hearing in a Noisy World" 14 min VHS and 16 mm

    "Hearing Conservation and Safety" 13 min VHS

The Marcom Group Ltd. (800) 654-2448
4 Denny Road
Wilmington, DE 19809

    "Hearing Conservation and Safety" 15 min VHS

    "Now Hear This" 15 min VHS

Media Resources, Inc. (800) 666-0106
2614 Fort Vancouver Way (206) 693-3344
Vancouver, WA 98661-3997

    "Hearing Protection" 19 min VHS

Mine Safety Appliances Co. (800) 672-2222
121 Gamma Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15238

    "Now Hear This" 15 min VHS

University of Toronto (416) 978-8720
IMS Creative Communications
Faculty of Medicine
1 Kings College Circle
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA M5S 1A8

    "Let's Hear It" 28 min VHS, film, U-matic

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