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Interactive Worker Training Tools

Through its partnership with James, Anderson & Associates, Safe@WorkSM offers innovative ideas in meeting the demands of communicating noise exposure data to the workforce. This information is a critical step in protecting the employee from potentially dangerous noises. Often times key information is difficult to communicate because of worker mobility in and out of noisy areas, or from irregular use of loud equipment commonly associated with skilled trades.

 By combining noise exposure data, instructional media, and interactive software  into a  computer interface, workers can access the relevant information "on-demand" in order to take precautionary steps to protect their hearing. Due to the variation in technological and informational resources from one company to the next, the interactive training tools are typically custom-fit to the user and can be adapted to a variety of industrial settings. Two examples are shown below.

Traditional factory work

Non-traditional/trades work

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Sound exposure profiling and clickable color-coded facility layouts. ag00038_.gif (3106 bytes) Task-based exposure assessment modeling (T-BEAM) and clickable task lists.

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