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Effective communication is an essential part of hearing loss prevention. JAA has developed Hearing Loss Prevention Guides (HeLP GuidesTM), a department based posting tool, to aid in communicating noise hazards to affected workers.  For companies that support plant floor level intranet services, the same information can be presented in an interactive format using I-HeLPTM Guides.  These tools allow your employees to better understand their exposure risk and promote self-protective behaviors.

The first element is use of a common systems approach to communicating risk using a color coded layout of the facility. 


The second element of HeLP GuidesSM provide information about noise exposures, plans for noise control engineering, trends in exposure over time, hearing loss, and hearing protector use in an attractive, color graphic format. The information becomes easily accessible to workers. As they begin to understand the risks, they become partners with management in protecting their own hearing.  Click here for large view.

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The HeLP GuideSM contains four primary sections with local and personal information regarding noise and hearing.
Explanation of the HeLP Guide
Noise Exposure
Exposure Trends and Local Requirements
Standard Threshold Shift and Hearing Protection Reports
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