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HearSāf 2000™ Software Suite

Safe@Worksm is bringing  together the finest software programs into a single collection that specifically targets hearing-loss prevention. HearSāf 2000™ comprises a collection of software designed for total management of a Hearing Conservation Program (HCP), or Hearing Loss Prevention Program (HLPP). 

These computer applications will enable HCP administrators to collect and analyze audiograms, monitor noise exposure assessments, track HCP training progress, develop individual hearing and noise exposure histories, report STS incidence rates for program evaluation, plus much more. 

Operating Platforms for HearSāf 2000

HearSāf 2000™ is an information management system for the prevention of occupational hearing loss that allows access and provides support at many levels. It could operate as a stand-alone on one PC-type computer (Pentium 166 or better processor, 16 Mbytes RAM, SVGA (800x600) display, 2X CD-ROM for the minimum configuration). It can also operate on a local area network/wide area network. Future versions will run on intra/internet platforms. HearSāf 2000™ can be customized to support the use of the optical card that, for each worker, carries all of his or her relevant information.

There are currently two programs in the HearSāf 2000™ suite. 

Hear/Saf™ for Windows

The audiometric testing, analysis and review elements of the HearSāf™ suite are based on this popular audiometric database manager redesigned for Windows. View a complete description of this software application and take a quick tour of some of its powerful new features.


The Occupational Noise Exposure Database program One*dB™ enables the collection and storage of noise data for assessing employee noise exposures.  

History of HearSāf™

Learn more about the background of HearSāf™, and meet some of the designers involved in the development of this innovative concept in hearing conservation.